Manufacturing Technology

Maximum precision through state-of-the-art processes

The press-welding process joins together multiple copper layers of different thickness. Mastery of this technology requires a three-year training period. Carrying out the work independently often calls for considerably more experience. That’s why EMS purposely puts together a staff of all ages and maintains a workplace culture based on the idea of “challenge and support”. Half of our team has been working for many years in the industry while the others are young, ambitious employees who are systematically introduced to complex production processes by their experienced colleagues.

In a two-year cycle we test our employees’ skills and provide specific training to enhance and develop them. That’s how we make sure that knowledge is regularly conveyed and technology is brought up to date. We are proud that we are able to build on the know-how of our internally trained press welders. Thanks to the profound expertise of our employees and state-of-the-art machinery, We can offer you a broad portfolio of connectors with a large number of cross-sections. Trust in our core competence to professionally implement complex requirements – That is what EMS stands for!