Water and air cooled cables for power current connections

Water cooled cables are used if high currents and extraordinary bending properties are required. For this purpose EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenmuehle offer you customized solutions. We will try to respond to all your questions in a competent and detailed way here

  • Range of applications:

    • Power supply for furnaces
    • Electric arc furnace
    • Power supply for welding robots
    • Glass smelters
    • Mains-frequency-induction plants
    • Mid- and high-frequency plants


  • Considerable Advantages:

    • Place saving
    • Can be used for high current densities
    • Abrasion-proof insulation


  • Materials used:

    • Insulation made of silicone rubber
    • Braided copper
    • Conductors consisting of braided copper, which encloses a antimagnetic stainless steel spring
    • High cooling water flow with minimal pressure loss
    • High flexibility


  • Technical details:

    • Length from 0,5 to approx. 10 m
    • Current density 6 – 10 A/mm2
    • Terminals blank or electro silvered


The water cooled cables are produced according to the mode of application and delivered fully finished. .