Setting up a new standard : Isoflexx

The insulated, laminated and highly flexible E-Cu busbar Isoflexx sets a new standard in the field of flexible busbars with its highly developed and proven technology.
Isoflexx consists of several copper lamellas, lying one unto the other. These are durably protected by a high-quality special pvc – insulation (Isoflexx Classic) or another environmentally friendly halogen-free silicone insulation (Isoflexx Premium).

  • Range of applications :

    • All types of connections on low voltage industrial power distribution and control
    • Switchboards
    • Panelboards
    • Power Supplies
    • Transformers
    • Busbar Systems


  • Important advantages:

Space saving:

Outstanding flexibility makes smaller bending radii possible. As user you save resources and work much more effectively.<\b>


The flexibility of Isoflexx reduces the number of contact spots shortening the length of connection by about 30 %. With Isoflexx you save material and money.

Material thickness:

The smaller conductor cross section of Isoflexx, compared with other cables with the same load, reduces material consumption. Simply and effectively you save time and lower costs.

Connection – free:

Through stripping the insulation ends, using no cable lugs, the even insulation and reinforced edges, by extreme heat-proofness and examination of the dielectric strength ( 20 kV), Isoflexx offers more security to your plants. Therefore count on Isoflexx. Count on reliability!


The special production procedure of Isoflexx offers insulations in different colors. This way, your switch cabinets and installations gain more clarity and security. Therefore count on Isoflexx. Count on reliability and you will retain the overview.

  • Isoflexx® – the busbar which can do MORE! Flexibility alone is not enough!

    • variable lengths of 250 – 3,000 mm
    • punchings of one or both connections
    • presswelding (only bright copper) of one or both connections
    • bending in arbitrary angles over the broad side
    • twisting the two connections around 90°

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