Solid Busbars

Solid busbars are used for connecting consumers and generators.

  • Range of applications:

    • Connections between generator / transformers and Switchgears
    • Switchgears cooling element Welding machines


  • Considerable Advantages:

    • Excellent electric conductivity ( elektrolyte-copper )
    • Long term life cycle
    • Extraordinary cost/performance ratio
    • High quality product


  • Materials used:

    • Copper, red, tinned or silver plated Aluminum red or tinned


  • Technical details:

    • Different solid busbars
    • Solid busbars drilled
    • Solid busbars punched
    • Solid busbars milled
    • Solid busbars soldered – gel tet
    • Solid busbars welded
    • Solid busbars bent and drilled


The solid busbars are produced according to the mode of application and delivered fully finished.