• the composite busbars with aluminum core and copper cladding
  • the alternative to copper bars

Busbars made of CoppAl® have a number of advantages compared to conventional copper bars as the benefits of copper and aluminum are combined in one bar.


  • Improved heat dissipation due to larger surface area
  • Contact surfaces of the electrical conductor are made of copper (low contact resistance)
  • Thermal short-circuit strength is similar to that of copper, as the current flows via the outer skin of the conductor during transient processes (skin effect)
  • Cost reduction due to lower material costs
  • Lower price fluctuations due to lower copper content
  • Lower weight
  • Easy handling
  • Lower transport workload and costs


» CoppAl® is a bi-metal composite material for use as an electrical connection in switch cabinets, switchgear systems and distributors. The copper cladding encases and is inseparably joined with the aluminum core. This permits the optimum combination of the positive properties of highly conductive copper and the low weight of aluminum. Processing (drilling, bending, punching, cutting …) is comparable with that of copper bars.

» Simply use CoppAl® in place of conventional copper bars and see the advantages for yourself!

» CoppAl® is available in similar dimensions to copper bars.

» CoppAl® bars are the cost-effective alternative to copper bars, as they are cheaper for the same ampacity values.

Use CoppAl® instead of conventional copper rails and convince yourself of the benefits!

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