Copper Bars

  • Copper bars, flat and solid
  • Standard length: 4000 mm (tolerance: –0, +200mm)
  • Material: Cu-ETP F25 bare1 – Cu-ETP F20 and F30 on request

SPS offers a range of standard solid copper bars in the standard length of 4 m.
The bars are also holed, bent or cut to length on request, and you can also find a range of different insulators and busbar supports from page 20 onwards.

Hole size, number and arrangement in accordance with your specifications.

  • Structural strength: approx. 250 N/mm²
  • Electrical conductivity: 57 S x m/mm² acc. to DIN EN 13601 (DIN 46433; DIN 40500)
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The DIN standards DIN 43670 and DIN 43671 outline the ampacity for conductors made of aluminum and copper under various conditions in tabular form. Correction factors take account of deviating conditions. These factors are listed for:

  • Conductivity-dependent load changes
  • Different temperatures
  • Different bar orientation and routing
  • Geometry-based change for AC applications
  • Height changes

DIN 43670 lists the values for aluminum busbars, and Part 2 of this standard specifies the continuous ampacity values for copper-clad busbars made of aluminum. DIN 43671 lists the corresponding values for copper busbars.

Expansion connectors are standardized in DIN 46276. This standard describes expansion connectors made of both copper and aluminum.