Ultraflexx® ... the insulated ultra-flexible busbars

Ultraflexx® flexible connectors are highly flexible connectors made from flat copper braid and absorb oscillations and switching vibrations in all directions. 

Unlike generally available press-welded components, our press-welded connectors are presswelded across their full connection cross-section and can be machined like one solid end piece.

1Lengths from 150mm to 1000mm in 50mm increments – other lengths on request; the length is defined as the hole center spacing.

2Heating of busbar depends on: current strength, ambient temperature, heat dissipation, laying method, installation, application

Multiplication factor of 1.72 when using 2 Ultraflexx®, multiplication factor of 2.25 when using 3 Ultraflexx® in parallel arrangement.

Our full-surface welded connections have the following advantages:

  • No additional transition resistances, hence lower power loss and reduced voltage loss
  • No corrosion and therefore no deterioration of connection resistances over time

The best alternative to customized cables

We supply a wide range of different lengths and cross-sections to meet customer specifications and designed for specific applications. Our manufacturing processes uses only the very best electrolytic copper to ensure optimum conductivity. Outstanding product quality – easy to use and made in Germany.

Ultraflexx® – optimized and highly flexible use of space

Extremely wide range of cross-sections, can be adapted to different isolator sizes with fuse links – and installed as connectors between many different types of switch cabinet modules and units.

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